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. it allows people to collaborate and share their findings. volkswagen uses the qlik platform and suntrust chose their platform for analyzing corporate performance management, risk management, finance, lending, many more. qlik reported february 14th and results as well as forecast for 2014 were so strong the stock shot up four points the next day. tons of congratulations on this conference call. they had a rough year in 2012. as of a month ago it looked like the business turned the corner. the stock is far from cheap, selling for 47 times next year's earnings estimates even with a 33% growth rate. let's check in with lars bjork, technologies. welcome to "mad money." how are you, sir? >> i'm great. >> lars, we've been recommending suntrust. we think it's a great regional bank. since this is the first time you're on, i'm a bank officer, lending officer at suntrust. how does qlik view help me? >> what you want to have is a dashboard in front of you so you can view that customer, jim his portfolio doing? what are his options? i want to have that at my fingertips. >> what would happen otherwise
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)